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at least the vest is almost finished ...

I almost said 'finished' but then I remembered I need to attach the epaulets at the shoulders and the strap for the blade on the back pocket. I fully expect that I'll be ready by Memorial Day weekend (Fanime Con, San Jose, CA).

I've decided to attach the sleeves directly to the vest because I hate wearing layers. I'll add a fake turtleneck. I can't remember where the pieces for the waist section went to, I remember cutting them out and then putting the material in a bag, but where the hell did the bag go to? Oh, well, I'll find it ... Oh, and I've almost decided on just using the goggles I bought at a convention last year, the goggles are brown but the lenses are green, not amber/orange/brown. I'll google instructions for making my own goggles and see where that leads. :-)
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