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happy cosplay!

Okay, so here is the outfit I wore to Fanime-Con, San Jose, CA this past Memorial Day weekend: Hayashida Heihachi from Samurai 7 (for those of you who aren't familiar with the series, since this post is going public).

I still am looking for (or working on) orange/amber lensed goggles. But I am very happy with the results. I had a few people ask to take my photo, plus I managed to get a pic of myself with a really hot Sweeney Todd cosplayer! Once again, the top and 'skirt' were fashioned from a large raincoat and two men's brown cotton button down shirts. The cap as well was made from the remnants of the raincoat and thin fleece. The goggles can be removed as I added snaps to the straps. (I fell in love with the snaps, all of the pockets have snapped flaps and I actually carried my phone, hashi and kleenex in various pockets.) The boots are fake uggs from Target but quite comfy. The turtleneck is actually a neck cover I picked up from my local Ichiban-kan store, meant to keep the sun off of your neck whilst driving. The gloves again are welders' gloves, I added three stitched lines across the back of the hand sections (hand-sewn Saturday morning as I was waiting for my roomies to wake up). I went to a tent maker/outdoors shop for the grommets on the 'skirt' because they had the largest diameter grommet available. The silver circle hanging from the strap is actually an inch-wide roll of duct tape (borrowed from my bro) because I figured Hei-chan would have duct-tape handy. The strap has yet another snap on it so the tape can be removed. The pants were a pair I had in the closet which were fairly close to the same color as the coat. Oh, and no sword, maybe I'll do that next year for Anime Expo, so I sewed the teru teru bozu to the top of the back pocket. Sorry, didn't get a picture of that, you'll have to imagine it :-)

Oh, and no satchel either, I figured it would be uncomfortable wearing it especially after shopping in the dealers' hall and artists' alley!!

by the way, that's a wig ha ha, and I inserted half of a foam bowl into a plastic bowl, and then glued uncooked rice on it.
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