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posting just because

oh, I think I've posted like that before. hurt my leg which has affected my psyche (is that the word?) so have not felt like doing any sewing or craft work or anything. meh. made a new avatar but that's about it. a friend is visiting for the weekend, good thing she and my brother were able to get around and sightsee yesterday, because today was pretty much wasted. we watched a couple of films at the house (the original Thing from Another Planet, classic with Kenneth Tobey; El Dorado with John Wayne) then did a little bit of shopping, pick up some manga and snacks then back home. oh, stopped by the Ichiban Kan shop not too far away, whenever I shop there or at Daiso I make sure to buy a small sauce dish because they're cuuuute. I use 'em for shoyu and wasabi when we have sushi/sashimi at home, or for hot sauce (ymmm). I have quite a collection at home now.
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