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long time no see

gomen nasai for not posting more often but really nothing to report on the cosplay for Hei-Chan. meant to do some this holiday weekend and set my alarm for 9am. had a weird dream about being at a wedding for some friends of mine, woke up and thought: wait, they're already married ... wtf. was about to go back to sleep and remembered a different friend was getting married today and I'm supposed to be there at 11am. waaah!! two hours to wash up, get dressed, then drive out to the church. made it in time, the wedding ceremony was very nice, a small wedding since it's her second marriage. took a few pictures then back home to eat breakfast/lunch and then do some work I brought home from the office. final result, no sewing today.

meh. hope everyone else is having a fabulous holiday and relaxing time off.
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