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Heihachi Fans Anonymous

Share the rice love

Fans of Samurai 7 Heihachi Hayashida
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Learning to like? Learning to cope? Welcome, fellow ronin samurai.

This is an all-around support group for fans of rice aficionado, master gearhead, excellent woodchuck Hayashida Heihachi of Samurai 7. We understand your love. We feel your pain. (If by any chance you're looking for that Tekken guy, you can go now, thank you! ^^V)

All forms and manifestations of love and devotion (art, fics, icons, banners, rice, onigiri, etc.) are accepted, but do keep them under lj-cuts if they are many or big. Sudden rants and weeping are accepted, but keep on-topic as much as possible, and please speak in English(so we all understand). Finally, do realize that not all of the people here have reasons to cope (not yet, that is), and some don't want to seriously relive the pain, so be nice, keep spoilers (including any mention of episode 23 and 25) under lj-cuts, and be supportive.

Enjoy your stay. Kome ga tabetai!

Friends: samurai_7 and samurai7rating
Moderator: ekmisao