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Hello, brand new Heihachi fan here!

Hello hello,

My name is Sabrina, but you can call me Mewca. I'm like 19 years old, a fish in college, and I'm very thankful for the Anime Club we have, because that's how I got to watch Samurai 7 and discover the lovely and bubbly Heihachi Hayashida! I havent had a crush on a character since Nataku Taishi from Saiyuki, 3 years ago, and I'm very much excited. I know I'm kinda late, but we have to start somewhere, no matter how late it is, ne?

Heihachi just seems to be that enigmatic character in the background, which everyone assumes immediately that he's a sterotype "smiling all happy Buddhist zen" character, until he goes bezerk and flares up like a torch when someone really pisses him off, and doesn't hesitate to cut them (actually, right after the first time I saw him get mad, I was like "Wow...*hearts*"). There is still so much about him that if we dig deep enough, we can find so much about his personality. I just really think he's a fun and lovely character to keep very close to your heart. I also can't help but adore his constant smile.

I have only started a few fics, and I hope you'll like this one. It's very random, but still warm hearted. Here it is:

Title: Vultures
Author: Mewca
Pairing: (all of them are implied at the moment) Kyu/Hei, Gorobei/Honoka, Roji/Okara, Roji/Kan, Katsu/Kirara, Shino(although one sided)/Hei.
Rating: PG 13
Summary: The women of the village discreetly chase Heihachi, Kyuzo and Shichiroji from behind the bushes. What attempts will the samurais do to keep them away until one of them snaps?
Disclaimer: I don't own Samurai 7.


Mewca: I don’t own Samurai 7.

-I’ve always wondered how far those “admiring village girls” would go to see their favorite samurais in compromising positions and stuff. Because, by all means, they were acting like the fanatic type of fan girls that hunt down their beloved chosen one. So, I wondered if they ever did irritate, annoyed or just downright creeped out any of the samurais. And plus, maybe bring out a bit some of their pasts towards each other? I’m just experimenting with this. I know it’s probably a problem that they can deal with easily, but all of this is mainly just for fun.

-I also spread this fic within a few more days between each battle. I really can’t see it all going as fast as it’s showed in the anime.

-This fic was meant out of humor, and a few snippets of sweetness.

-A few warnings towards implied pairings; Kyu/Hei, Gorobei/Honoka, Roji/Okara, Roji/Kan, Katsu/Kirara, Shino(although one sided)/Hei.

-Spoiler warnings? Maybe, if you haven't gotten as far as dvd 3.

-Maybe only 2 to 3 chapters.


After the arrival of the samurais and the girls finally being released from their captivity by Kikuchiyo, the villagers were a bit more settled after their elder had a conversation with Kanbei. Although hard feelings loomed across that land persistently, they all awaited for their assignments patiently. Or, patiently enough; some villagers huddled between themselves and whispered about the new seven men with much contempt. But not all of the whispers were of ill wishes.

The fine breeze of the evening blew across the village as a pack of girls huddled together and whispered ferociously at each other. They seemed very excited and their faces were pink; they had no problems in not hiding their lustful curiosities towards the newcomers. They even felt some jealousy against their water priestess, who met them all and seemed to have some type of friendly relationship with each. Although, it wasn’t all of the samurais the village girls were interested in. Only the obvious ones came to their attention, and they drooled upon them like vultures.

“Isn’t the youngest one a cutie? I wonder how he’s like.” The seemingly chubbiest one out of the group whispered as sighed with random thoughts about Katsushiro.

“He is! He’s like the cutest one out of the bunch!” two other girls agreed, but the rest of the group had other opinions.

“He is very cute, but that blond one with a mechanical arm seems very, very interesting to me. I wonder what he could do with that arm other than just fight.” An older girl looked very lecherously at Shichiroji, rubbing one of her hands over her chin as many of the girls giggled with newly placed images in their heads.

“He could do waaay better than any of the guys here for sure! That mechanical arms must be very strong, and have tricks.” The giggles started again, and their faces grew pinker.

“What about that silent one? You know… the blond one with a red coat? He seems very scary, but that even makes him more sexier than what he looks!” a more loosely dressed village girl murmured, her face already red with more daring thoughts, and she cuddled herself a bit as one of her friends slapped her across the head.

“You little whore!” her friend whispered, but the girl didn’t mind.

“Oh dear, aren’t we all? I can just imagine what you girls are thinking of doing to some of these samurais right now.” She grinned meanly.

“Yeah. But I guess only those tree are the good looking ones.” The chubby girl sighed a bit disappointed. She daydreamed a little too much about all of the seven samurais appearing young, strikingly good looking men.

“Well, what about that one?” a girl with freckles, who seemed a bit distant from the conversation, pointed towards the short smiling mechanic, who seemed a bit flustered with the confusion the village gave them as a welcome.

“Who? Him? He seems a bit chubby, don’t you think?” one of the girls whispered.

“Well, I think it’s just his clothes. But if he… took some off, we could judge better.” Another said in a tone of a matter-of-fact.

“Well, he would just quit smiling and kept his face normal, we could also see if he has a sexy face.” The chubby girl said.

“…”the girl with freckles sighed a bit, somewhat disappointed at her group of friends who quickly returned to talk about their three new samurais, while leaving behind the other four.

“Shino? SHINO!” the girl heard her father call her with a very agitated voice, and the girl walked away quickly from the group, only bowing a bit for a delicate farewell.

As she ran away, two samurais looked at her direction casually. Heihachi wondered why that girl’s father was a bit harsh towards her, and Kyuzo also seemed a bit bothered; he felt that that girl’s father would be more trouble than what they would want. The mechanic noticed the silent man’s gaze, and he gave a more comfortable smile. At least he has some human reflections towards others, he thought to himself. He breathed in, and followed the rest of the samurai into Rikichi’s house to discuss what was needed to do.

The rest of that night was calm, with only a few giggling laughter coming from both Komachi and Okara as they jeered a bit at Katsushiro’s unfortunate luck at being chosen the favorite out of the seven samurai between the girls. Or, at least out of a specific group of girls. Heihachi grinned a bit to himself as he noticed the young rookie a bit flustered and agitated by this fact, and trying his best to keep himself away from any window close by. The more giggles he heard from the two girls that were with them, the more he pouted.

Finally, they retired to the rooms that were offered to them. Luckily, most of them almost had a room to themselves, except Kanbei and Shichiroji, and Kikuchiyo, who was stuck with the rookie. Kyuzo entered his room, and didn’t even bothered to fix his bed; he only rested his back against the wall and fell asleep. Gorobei was still awake, chatting amusingly with the mechanic, and surprising a few laughs as they tried to figure out what they were going to do with the gowns, wigs and shoes they got from those traveling circus girls. The hulking Kiku finally peeped out of his sliding door.

“Can you two be quiet?” he asked irritably.

“Forgive us. We were just wondering if we could just burn these things.” Heihachi bowed towards Kikuchiyo, and the big man seemed a bit surprise.

“What? Burn them? Why? You guys actually did a good job dressing up as girls.” Kiku seemed a bit disappointed, and Heihachi bowed towards his big friend again.

“Thank you. I didn’t know that we had that type of effect.” The mechanic grinned, and Gorobei sighed.

“Well, we could have some use to this eventually. Who knows?” the black samurai gave a tired smile, and finally bid good night to the two samurais as he took his disguise with him to his room.

“Well, better get to bed. Tomorrow we’ll be working.” Kikuchiyo waved at Heihachi, and the short samurai smiled and bowed once more towards his friends before retiring to his room as well. He placed his disguise in the corner of his room and left it there as he got his bed ready, and fell quickly into a comfortable slumber.

Everyone was awake before sunrise, and each went to their assigned duties. Heihachi was still planning on the weapons that he could build with whatever materials the village could offer him. Whereas Kyuzo just plainly gave the farmers arrows and bows, and only showed them how to position their weapons correctly and shot the targets. The man knew that they would learn it easier and faster by just sticking their faces in the matter. Roji was climbing around the borders of the village’s island and looking at any faults that he could find to prepare Kanna for battle. Katsushiro would just wonder around the fields, keeping his eye out at any disturbance he could notice most of the time, and finally have half his mind at the image of his treasured priestess, and gently smile with small specs of pink upon his cheeks.

None of them really gave much mind to the giggling sounds that they would eventually hear behind the bushes. Although, it started to irritate Heihachi a bit when even older women asked him personal questions, and he would somewhat change the subject abruptly with their work. None of the girls ever had enough courage to even come close to the red coat samurai, and the rest were unfortunately cut off from Katsushiro for he was usually close to Kirara, and also Shichiroji who continued to be close to the rest of the farmers and Okara.

By evening, most of the weapons were planned quickly when the mechanic was introduced to the materials he was going to use. He was very enthusiastic about his work from that point on, and greatly appreciated Kikuchiyo’s help. That day passed by with planning and hard thinking, and the ballista was on its starting progress. By night, the girls wondered out of their huts and walked away casually, dodging their parent’s watchful eye behind the shadows. They giggled and slipped away into the forest in search of the samurais of their choice. At least four of them followed Kyuzo from a distance, knowing that he would stop by the local river to fresh up a bit… Their smiles turned into nervous grins when he walked into the clearing, although they didn’t expect to see someone else at the river as well.

“Oh wow… how many scars does he have?!” one whispered very carefully, as they stared in awe at Heihachi’s back. He took off his helmet, goggles, vest and turtle neck, exposing his whole upper body to the moonlight. The scars haunted his flesh; the scars seemed like the product of several wild beasts. The mechanic finally took his helmet, filled it with water and poured it all on his head, neck and shoulders.

Kyuzo unbuttoned his jacket and permitted it to drop on the floor as he knelt beside the river and drank some water before scooping some up to wash his face. The red head offered his helmet to the silent man with a smile, and Kyuzo accepted it.

“They’re watching us.” The silent man murmured to the mechanic, who looked a bit confused until he heard a bit of shuffling coming from the bushes.

“They really don’t give anyone a break, do they?” Heihachi seemed a bit bothered, and quickly grabbed his turtle neck and covered his upper body. He sighed as he got to his feet, finally putting back on his vest.

“Leaving?” Kyuzo asked, noticing that the red head wasn’t beside the river long enough.

“I’ll wait here until you’re done. I’m sure they won’t ambush two of us. They prefer solitary prey.” Heihachi explained, and gave a funny grin. Kyuzo maintained his indifferent expression, but secretly found that comment a bit amusing.

They both walked back together towards the village. They also found Shichiroji accompanying Okara and her small baby. The mechanic wondered if it was because the samurai thought she would give him some type of shield from the girls, but then noticed that Roji was very smitten with the small woman’s dry sense of humor. When they arrived at the village, they ate one ball of rice and retired for the night—Gorobei actually had to wrestle with Heihachi so he would rest a little before returning to his ballista.

“Those farmers need some rest as well.” Was the black samurai’s argument, which somewhat convinced Heihachi.

The mechanic slept only for an hour, and with the complete silence from the village, he easily woke up with a few footsteps and whisperings. He gently opened his eyes and saw some shadows inside his room. He lifted his head quickly, and all of the girls scattered away out of his room. Heihachi was so astounded that he got up quickly and chased the girls away from the rest of the rooms. They disappeared back into their own homes. The mechanic sighed, bothered and started to walk back to his room before the door beside him slipped open and someone gag and grabbed him quickly before shutting the door.

“Shh! Better spend the night in here.” Gorobei released his friend from his grip, and the red head fell to the floor, relieved. He also noticed that Kyuzo was in the black samurai’s room as well.

“I didn’t know you two were sharing quarters.” He seemed a bit surprised, until Kyuzo lifted his gaze towards the mechanic.

“I had to escape.” He simply explained, and Heihachi understood. It seemed like that girls were also invading the silent man’s room as well.

“I seriously didn’t think that they would cause this much trouble. At least you two quite popular!” Gorobei gave an amusing laugh, and ignored Kyuzo’s glare.

“Seriously, I prefer not to be so popular if it starts to cause a lot of problems.” The mechanic laid on the floor, rubbing his eyes.

“Nonsense. They’re only teenage girls. All you have to do is ignore them.” Gorobei laid on his bed while Heihachi and Kyuzo exchanged looks.

“I hope it’s as easy as you make it seem, Gorobei.” Heihachi murmured.

Another hour has passed, and both the black and red head samurai had fallen asleep. The silent man was having a bit of a harder time to fall asleep with Heihachi’s little snores. He never thought that the mechanic snored, even the slightest, and that Gorobei murmured in his sleep. Kyuzo could only guess what the black man was talking about; a woman. They were sweet little compliments and random smiles that just were never said to her…

By morning, Gorobei had left the room before the other two did. Kyuzo buttoned his coat back on, and slid open the door as Heihachi followed him silently. The silent man heard the re head’s stomach growl a bit, and Heihachi cleared his throat, ignoring his own hunger for once with pink cheeks. He had enough energy to get a good part of his ballista done that day, so he needn’t worry much about food. Or, at least he was forcing himself not to. As he finished putting on his boots with Kyuzo, he started to walk away quickly, until Kyuzo looked at him.

“Heihachi.” He called him, and the red head looked back a bit surprised.


“Who is Honoka?” he randomly asked, making the mechanic look very curiously at the silent man.

“…She was the woman we left with the Shikimoribito before we traveled into the desert. Why?” Heihachi wondered why Kyuzo was interested in her, and Kyuzo just shook his head.

“Nothing.” He walked away towards the farmers he needed to train. At least now he understood those murmurs he heard that night.

That day passed by quietly enough. Shichiroji only had a few problems with organizing his group, and Kyuzo with the constant bickering between his farmers in ‘who shot the arrow better.’ The silent man couldn’t help but not care a single bit about their quarrels, and showed it very well with his affective glare. Although, the real trouble came about when Katsushiro disappeared by night, and Heihachi could not help but notice Kanbei running within the forest with a serious look on his face. Heihachi told the farmer to keep working while he followed the man to see what was happening. Kiku also followed the red head out of pure curiosity.

Once they arrived, they saw that the situation was more serious then what they thought. Katsushiro had slain a Nobuseri soldier, and Shino cried over to her father with desperate tears as the man crawled on the floor. It didn’t take much for the mechanic to realize that the man betrayed the whole village to the Bandits, and he flared up with a very dangerous glare. When Kanbei walked away, followed by the rookie and Kirara, the red head walked towards Manzo and grabbed him by the collar with extra force; he wanted to inflict as much pain as possible before pulling him across the village to his death. He even ignored Shino’s pleading gaze.

“Don’t talk to me girl! I don’t need any more provocations! If I had my way, I’d take his life now!” the mechanic said with a cold, angered voice, as Shino got on her knees and begged even more. Even Kikuchiyo was stunned at Heihachi’s cold heart towards the matter.

“She’s on her knees! Show some mercy!” the hulking samurai sided with the village girl, although the red head was even more incensed with his friend’s lack of sense towards the situation at hand and snapped back at him with the work Kanbei assigned to them both, and walked away.

The whole village had their attention peeked when they heard Shino begging loudly for mercy and following the mechanic as he walked slowly towards the middle of the village in search of the elder. Once there, and the matter explained in simple words, and ignoring the rest of the villager’s protests, he was ready to cut the man’s throat if it wasn’t for Shichiroji’s interference. Heihachi only had Kyuzo to back him up with simple words, but Roji held the red head’s hand before he could draw that sword any further.

The only man that manages to change Heihachi’s mind was Kikuchiyo. After the huge samurai was finally considered part of the team, the rest returned to their duties with tired hearts. Kyuzo simply dragged Manzo with him harshly and made him take the bow and arrow, and Heihachi only thought about Kanbei’s actions towards the villagers with some bitterness. Even Shichiroji’s words bounced off a bit when it came to the mechanic’s judging of what he did in the past. When the blond samurai walked away, Heihachi could feel his scars sting a bit as he remembered exactly everything that happened that day when he saw so many die by his own hands.

That night Heihachi hardly slept at all. He wanted to see the ballista finished, especially feeling the guilt that his own stubbornness got them behind schedule. He only needed two more days to finish that weapon, and he would’ve cut it shorter if Kanbei had not come and called him to rest. The farmers were exhausted and needed their rest as well, so the mechanic followed them back to the village.

“What’s that smell?” Gorobei asked without ceremony as Roji gave to Heihachi and Kyuzo their rice balls. Heihachi hardly took a nibble when he discreetly walked out of the room with both the silent and blond samurais.

“We do kinda stink. Better now than never to take a bath.” Shichiroji suggested with a smile.

“Go on ahead. I want to first finish my dinner.” The mechanic said smiling as he ate his rice ball in peace. Kyuzo also waited beside Heihachi, quickly finishing his meal.

They entered the small hut and took off their clothes. They didn’t have many quarrels in seeing each other naked, especially because they wanted to take a bath quickly and rest. Or, at least Kyuzo and Heihachi did, while Shichiroji did abuse a bit of his luxury in taking his time. Suddenly, the door of the hut opened, and a small figure appeared. The three samurais looked towards her, and Heihachi actually hid himself a bit behind Kyuzo, who was sitting on the floor. Shichiroji was in the tub, so he just glanced with raised eyebrows.

“What? You guys have nothing that can impress me. I’m a mother, if you haven’t noticed.” Okara said with an amusing smirk as she held bath towels for them.

“Uh… ok.” The red head felt a bit invaded, but knew she wasn’t really paying much attention to him as she was to the blond Don Juan in the tub.

“Rinse.” Kyuzo said with a slight bit of irritation in his voice, and Heihachi took the bucket and dumped the water over the silent man.

They both thanked Okara for bringing them the towels and left the hut. They could hear both Roji and small woman exchange words with friendly sarcasm as they walked away. They also seemed a bit relieved at the idea that they might’ve scared the girls away for good with what happened earlier that night. They both retired to their rooms… Unfortunately, the mechanic woke up with footsteps scrambling to get away from the sliding door as he got up quickly. Heihachi scratched his head, annoyed, until he got a very embarrassing idea, and even wondered if the Kyuzo would do it if he also was attacked that night. Out of precaution, he joined Gorobei and went back to sleep.

The next morning, he woke up with Kyuzo waiting by the door with his arms crossed. Maybe he also joined him and Gorobei that night, but he couldn’t remember because he slept like a rock. Suddenly, Heihachi remembered his idea, and got up quickly.

“Kyuzo, did they…”


“Alright then. I have an idea that might work.” Heihachi said with an amusing grin, and Roji had just got out of his room and eavesdropped in his conversation.

“Work for what?” the blond man looked very different with his hair undone.

“Good morning.” Heihachi bowed, and continued to explain the idea of just scaring off the girls. Both Kyuzo and Shichiroji looked at the red head with lifted eyebrows.

“I don’t think we actually need to go that extreme.” Roji said, his cheeks having a very light shade of pink.

“But it could work. If they weren’t scared enough yesterday, imagine what they could do tonight if we just don’t do something about it. I’m personally getting a bit annoyed.” Heihachi explained, sighing hopelessly, and Kyuzo seemed to agree with the red head’s point of view.

“Yeah, I know. But I know you probably have your disguise. But I don’t even carry around feminine clothes.” The blond samurai said, and the mechanic grinned, and turned around quickly and walked towards Gorobei.

“Gorobei-Dono? Do you have your disguise in your room?” the red head asked, and the black samurai looked a bit curious.

“Of course. What do you need it for?”

“To scare off the girls, and see if they’ll stop sneaking around us at night.” The mechanic explained, and Gorobei tried not to laugh at the idea.

“You know, you three dressing up as women probably might work in making them think you guys are weird. But I advise you not to do it. You never know what other crazy people might come around and chase you.” He explained, but knew that that might not really change their minds. “Mine are in the room, and I also have Rikichi’s in there also. He was about to snap if he had it in his possessions any longer.”

“Thank you!” Heihachi bowed at his friend and walked quickly towards the two samurai’s who were waiting.

It was an interesting event, trying to get Kyuzo to dress up as a woman, and to put make up on him as well. Although he made the outfit look as good as any woman could; he had that natural flair that could drive both women and men crazy. Shichiroji only huffed that fact away from his mind as he looked at himself in the mirror.

“I don’t look half bad, do i?” he said to himself as he gazed upon the ‘Maguso’ outfit that adorned his body, while Heihachi finished his make-up and also walked towards the mirror.

“Not really. But Kyuzo looks like a master piece!” Heihachi pointed towards the silent samurai who was ready to leave. Gorobei’s female outfit was perfect on him, and the wig also hid perfectly some of his facial features, making him seem even more mysterious.

“Kyuzo looks just perfect. Even I would want to…” Roji never finished his sentences after he noticed the man’s dangerous gaze upon certain parts of his body “…Ehehe, nothing. Nothing at all.”

“Alright ladies! Time to get to work!” Heihachi opened the door from their room and the three of them walked out, each in their separate directions, and each to their separate assigned duties, just ignoring as much as they could the astounded looks the villagers gave them.

“By the powers of the Kami, they went mad?” on old woman said, and suddenly seemed incensed when she caught her husband actually drooling over one of them. She slapped him silly and they went back to their work as well.

Heihachi just grinned to himself.


PS: Pointless, but still,...omK, I can't surf one page on DeviantArt without finding 1000 fanartas of that Tenken dude, and only 1 of the gearhead! I just thought that was curious...DX
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