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slow going today ...

But sewed some, washed the shirts and will start cutting them tonight. Have a new avatar yay! There's a surplus shop (some military stuff, some camping) near me, stopped in today to see if there was anything that caught my fancy but nothing except a camping pot did. They carry some old uniforms (a nice dark green sweater with the German flag on each arm just below the shoulder) and outfits, pants, boots, hats, caps, gloves. Some flying caps that I looked at hard to see if I could figure out the pattern for sewing.

I have goggles I picked up a few months ago but I need to figure out how to replace the green lenses for orange ones.

Chichirifreak: How did you do the grommets at the bottom hem of Hei-chan's outfit? I have only seen the ones that are about the size of a quarter.

I'll be glad to get back to work, it's been a long weekend.
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